Letter-Perfect Tips to Safeguard Your Mail

Your mailbox and outgoing mail can be open invitations to identity thieves. So it makes sense to take a few precautions to protect the contents.

  1. Lock it. Use either a secure locking mailbox or a post office box.
  2. Send it properly. Never place outbound mail (at home or work) in an open, unlocked mailbox.
  3. Don’t leave it. Never leave mail in your car.
  4. Check for any missing mail. Investigate immediately if expected statements or bills from your financial institutions do not arrive on time.
  5. Be especially vigilant during January and April when tax documents are sent out—they're favorite targets for identity thieves.
  6. Have mail held when you’re gone. During extended absences, have mail held at the post office.
  7. Don’t discard without shredding. Never simply discard “pre-approved” credit offers, Explanation of Benefits documents from insurance companies, or any other confidential information you receive in the mail. Always cross-shred everything first.