You’ll Pay the Price If You Don’t Protect Yourself While Shopping

In the mall, at the grocery store or in a restaurant, put in the effort to stay safe. Simply follow these five easy tips.

  1. Never toss credit card receipts into a public trash container. Always shred them at home.
  2. Carry receipts in your wallet, not in the shopping bag.
  3. If you’re worried, pay with cash. Avoid paying by credit card or debit card if you think the business will treat your data carelessly.
  4. When paying your bill, watch what waiters, cashiers and bartenders are doing with your credit or debit card. A growing practice among fraudsters is to “skim” your card number to use it later for fraudulent purchases.
  5. When filling out applications for loans, credit, mobile phones or other services, find out how the company stores and disposes of your files. Some auto dealerships, department stores, car rental agencies, and some stores have been known to treat customer applications sloppily. If you are not convinced that your information is safe, take your business elsewhere.